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Kathy Hanlon reviewed The Zone of Comfort, Life Balance Center — 5 star 

I was experiencing chronic back/side pain and my doctor recommended that I try acupuncture and massage therapy. Since then I've been to a number of licensed massage therapists with varying degrees of success. Finding LaTonya was a stroke of good luck -- she is the best, most professional, helpful LMT I have encountered.


Sophia Sledge  recommends The Zone of Comfort, Life Balance Center.

If you haven’t booked time with LaTonya yet, you’re missing out! She has such a wonderful spirit and has always helped get me back to center. She has magic hands and helps my mind, body and soul.


Megan Ries reviewed The Zone of Comfort, Life Balance Center — 5 star

I had my first massage with LaTonya and she clearly enjoys what she is doing! It shows in her thoughtfulness and concern for her clients. As owner of her business, she cares about every individual's experience and is very professional. LaTonya made sure I was comfortable both in temperature, pressure, and body position. I left feeling much less tense and I look forward to returning again. I highly recommend The Zone of Comfort!


K Davidson

Best massage I have ever received. She has an amazing gift and is such a wonderful person. She really knows what she is doing.


Mikhaila Westerfield

It’s a warm and welcoming environment. Mrs. LaTonya is amazing at what she does. Best place to go hands down!


Darlena McElroy

Warm and relaxing atmosphere. The best massage I've experienced by far!


Layne Nelson

Beautiful place, beautiful people who own this business! Great massage therapist, very skilled and knowledgeable!


Mary Harken

Latonya is amazing! Highly recommended for anyone who wants to relax and re-energize!


Audra Calvin

Professional. Very good at reducing back pain that a chiropractor did not/could not help. I could not more strongly recommend.


Jill E

I have been getting regular massage therapy from LaTonya with The Zone of Comfort for quite some time now. She is wonderful! She is very versatile, giving deep work when needed and also gives a great relaxation massage. Her passion for helping people shines through in her massage.


Mj Godron

My got massage therapist! No better place to go


Name: Torin Shook

Comments: To be honest, I never thought much of massage therapy.  After a recent car wreck and pursuing whiplash, my medical doctor recommended it as a part of my therapy.  It didn't take long for me to see the benefits as LaTonya methodically worked the troubled areas.  I felt instantly gratified and at ease.  My whole perspective has now changed about massage therapy.  I plan to make it a weekly routine in my life.  Thank you LaTonya for being so informative and professional regarding my condition.  I feel like a new man.


Name: Julia LoVan 
Comments: This is the BEST massage I've ever had, period. I usually leave massages feeling like there was more to be had, but she definitely worked the tight muscles I had, but it was still relaxing. Love the essential oils, the mood. She is knowledgeable in many aspects of how a body heals, so she confirmed what I had suspected I needed to do to get my body into full health! I must refer everyone to Zone of Comfort.


Name: Celeste Moore
Comments: I have know La Tonya for probably 15 years and very time she gives me a treatment I come out feeling blessed. The atmosphere is always calm, quiet, and clean. She addresses the whole body from the crown of my head to the bottom of my feet.



Name: Jan Elliott
Comments: LaTonya is amazing!  I use to think that massages were a luxury, something I only pursued while on vacation.  Yet, thanks to LaTonya I have come to realize that massage therapy on a regular basis is essential to my health and well being.  Not only is LaTonya knowledgeable and professional, she consistently delivers the best massages I have ever experienced.  Through the membership program, I am able to have a massage on a monthly basis at an affordable price that fits my budget.  Bottom Line ~  She really has a gift!



Name: Sharon  C

Comments: She is Amazing! I get/used to get migraines weekly since I have been going to her since Oct 2011 I have had a total of 3 Migraines. PTL!! She has unbelievable talent. Amazing!!


Trish S.

Great massages! She knows just what you need! She's got a God given talent!


Name: Pastor Rose 
WOW! Is all I can say. LaTonya is a gifted Massage Therapist! I will definitely return. If anyone out there is looking for a great gift to give your pastor...look no further than The Zone of Comfort!


Name: Nan 
La Tonya is amazing! The best massage I have ever had.   Nan


Name: Brandi  

Comments: LaTonya went out of her way to be sure I had a massage before I left on deployment.  She was booked solid for 2 months and I was leaving in less than a week.  She listened to what I wanted, asked questions to verify, and followed through.  What a wonderful, relaxing, and much needed massage! I'll most definately be back when I return and I'm telling all my Battle Buddies about her!


Name: Neil E  
I was amazed at how well LaTonya found the spots that were tight or bothersome without me even saying a word. Her pressure and technique were just right. If you haven\'t already, give Zone of Comfort a try.


"Name: Suet  
I thoroughly enjoyed the massage I received from LaTonya. She was thorough, pleasant, and I felt like it was time and money well spent. I also appreciated the shared belief we have in God, and how that is what ultimately sustains us!



“LaTonya is the only person I will allow to give me a massage. She is wonderful at what she does, knows what she is doing and can explain to you in simple terms what your body is going through. I would recommend LaTonya to anyone that wants Wellness care because this is truly her passion and she genuinely cares about those she provides service.” 

 Paula B., Business Process Consultant, AVP, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage


"I have known LaTonya for 11 years and each time I have sought her services she has addressed not just the physical aspect of the message, but the tactile aspect was tended to also. The atmosphere was always calm, surroundings always clean and relaxing. I was never rushed and always felt as though I had her undivided attention. I have several joint issues and she always addresses the impact they have on my total health. I would recommend any business she is associated with based on her character and satisfaction I have experienced over the years.” 

Celeste M., Collector, The CBE Group, Inc.


“LaTonya is an excellent massage therapist. She reduces my pain and relaxes me considerably. I consider LaTonya's services an important part of my preventative health care. She is not only wonderful in the art of her practice, but also extremely knowledable and promotes the health of her clients. Without question, the best massage therapist I have ever engaged.” 

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert


“LaTonya offers top quality massage, hot stone work and reflexology and hands on health solutions for people who desire natural and safe options for optimal health and peak performance. I appreciated her knowledge, genuine care and concern for me as a unique individual, and that she tailored her product/service specifically to the needs I expressed and exhibited. She is intuitive and I have heard from others who are amazed with her results and ability to know just what your unique body needs. She is a great leader and works well with many people. I highly recommend her for anything in this line of work.” 

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

 Kristi G.

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